Common Causes of Household Water Leaks

One of the most significant advances in human civilization is household plumbing. Having functional plumbing and drainage problems is beneficial in many ways. However, along with the perks that come with having a plumbing system, there comes a series of leaks which puts you at risk of experiencing water damage. Even a minor leak is enough to cause lots of damage in the run. It is in light of this fact that homeowners need leak detection Tucson to fix some common water leaks.

Ideally, water leaks problem faced by most home homeowners tends to be quite similar. Some leak problems might not pose much of a challenge, but some tend to be catastrophic. Here are some three types of causes of devastating water leak problems.pipe burst

Pipe Bursts

There are many reasons why plumbing fixtures. Having water freeze of piping fixtures, for instance, subjects the pipe with undue pressure which often forces it to give in thus resulting in a burst. Localized freeing in pipes, also causes some pressure buildup when water is pumped through the pipe, which further increases the pressure levels in the fixtures. This fact explains why most pipe bursts are recorded during the colder seasons. Free

Appliance Failures

Appliance failures are a common cause of leak problems in most households. These problems is mostly observed in washing machines which have a series of rubber times that tend to act up often. Adding too much detergent while washing, for instance, leads to clogging, which consequently leads to leakages. Another cause of leaks in an appliance is faulty installation of pipes. Homeowners are thus advised to consider washing machine and other appliance failures considering that they tend to be common.

Hot Water Tank Problems

Another appliance to check on is the hot water tank. A water tank can leak in many ways. Rusting near the hot water pipes, for instance, is a leading cause of water pipes leaks. Other areas to check include the pressure release valves which tend to give in when subjected to both high temperatures and pressures from the tank. The hot water heater itself can also fail, and leak gallons of water to your water tap

Water leaks tend to be quite costly. Structural damage, appliance damage, and costly utility bills are some of the main consequences of water leaks. Some leaks are hard to detect, but with routine inspection, you can always rest easy.…