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Marble Countertops


Marble is a natural product and consists of sand-lime bricks. Marble is formed in the earth’s crust under a combination of high temperatures and high pressure. The characteristic vein patterns of marble are due to impurities in the rock. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Marble Countertops.


Types of Marble

Marble is extracted in many places in the world. Within Europe, a lot of marble comes from quarries in Italy. Each site has its `specific marble, both in color combinations and in specific product properties. Marble colors can vary from white to light gray to black, but also brown, beige, pink, red and green.


kitchenMarble Finishes

Polishing and sweetening are two possible marble finishes. The polishing of marble means that the top layer is sanded several times. This is also called high gloss. This gives marble a soft warm appearance and the surface is very hygienic and smooth. The sweetening of marble is tantamount to the light sanding of the surface. This creates a natural appearance but that is slightly more sensitive to stains. This is also called silk gloss.



Marble lasts more than a lifetime. Marble is very durable.


Moisture Resistance

The surface of the marble is slightly porous and moisture can penetrate into the marble. Polishing makes the surface denser. The impregnation of a marble top provides water-repellent properties.


Heat Resistance

Marble is relatively resistant to heat. It is not recommended to place hot pans directly on the surface.


Stain Sensitivity

Liquids may cause stains in the marble. This is because marble is slightly porous. Here too, polishing makes the surface of the marble less porous. It is also useful to have a marble top impregnated to prevent staining.



Marble is very hard and very scratch-resistant. Scratching is possible but very unlikely.



A marble worktop is quite hygienic but there are better choices in this area. A marble countertop is more hygienic than a granite countertop because the structure of marble is more homogeneous than that of granite.



Marble has a unique, luxurious, exclusive appearance. No leaf looks the same. Marble countertops combine well with both a classic and a modern kitchen.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Marble countertops must be kept clean and kept dry. Marble can be impregnated with a protective layer that protects against stains and moisture. Marble is sensitive to corrosive agents such as unclogging agents, bleaching agents or descaling agents.



Marble countertops are very heavy and for that reason alone it is recommended to have such a countertop assembled by professionals. There is also the risk of damage or cracking during assembly, partly due to the large weight. Setting a marble worktop takes a lot of time.



A marble kitchen top is costly. The price of a sheet is highly dependent on the origin, but price indication per linear meter for a marble sheet is from about 250 euros, but the prices can also …